Yoga Asana and Pranayama

Healthy heart, healthy mind, healthy body

Learning the practice of Yoga gives a comprehensive understanding of the nature of Yoga—the unification of individual and cosmic life—as well as practical training in Yoga postures (Asana) and breathing exercises (Pranayama) that promote integration of mind and body, supporting health by bringing life into harmony with Natural Law. Participants learn about the influence of each posture on ones physiology.

To Establish in the State of Yoga:Yoga Asana

In the absolute state of balance, Yoga, is found the purpose of Asana. The unboundedness, most exalted state of totality, Brahm, that alone is eternally stationed in eternity – This is the supreme ideal of Asana.” – Maharishi

Alignment with Cosmic Physiology:

The administrator of the body, the mind, has to be in tune with that cosmic administrator, so that whatever isolated fluctuations of the mind, they will never be out of alignment with the cosmic mind. To stabilize any pose of mind with the cosmic pose of infinity is the purpose of Asana. That means create a habit through the programme of Yoga Asanas that whatever be the state of the body, it is never out of alignment with the cosmic physiology.”  – Maharishi