Apartment House at MERU

Have Your Own Home at MERU

A Rare Opportunity to Make Your Home at MERU

and Grow in Enlightenment

The Plan

MERU is planning to build two 3-story houses with luxurious and exquisite apartments where dedicated Governors and Sidhas who wish to lead a spiritual life in the beautiful and pure atmosphere of Maharishi’s Global Capital in Holland can have their own home.

These apartments, overseeing the beautiful scenic Meinweg forest reserve, will have a private forest garden with walkways and all the facilities and amenities, including meditation halls, high speed broadband internet, balconies, extra storage space in the attic for individual apartments, laundry rooms, car parking, etc. Residents will have access to MERU services, such as kitchen and dining providing organic meals, linen change, laundry and dry cleaning, maintenance and cleaning staff.

Life at MERU

Life at MERU is just magical! Those who have had an opportunity to stay at MERU know this unforgettable experience of staying at this unique place in the world, combining the influence of perfect Vastu with an atmosphere that is charged with Maharishi’s blessings and the coherence created by years of long group Transcendental Meditation programmes.

The special features of life at MERU include experience of deep meditations in daily group programmes, listening to Maharishi tapes, and yearly celebrations, such as 12th January, Guru Purnima, Maha Lakshmi, Navaratri, Victory Day, and other important celebrations from the Vedic calendar, and birthday celebrations, all at the Brahmasthan of Maharishi’s Peace Palace. There are also daily live performances by Maharishi Vedic Pandits.

Vedic expertise is available for courses, consultations, and treatments, including Advanced Techniques, Maharishi Ayur-Veda, Pancha Karma treatments, Maharishi Gem Therapy with Light, Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology, Maharishi Aroma Therapy.

Moreover, in the area around MERU you will also enjoy the most beautiful parks and meadows, walking and cycling pathways, and scenic spots in the forest. The nearness to several international airports and major train connections to the main cities of Europe is an added advantage.

In short, your life at MERU will be beautiful and heavenly, a life with fullness of inner richness and outer glory, an enlightened life in bliss, peace, happiness, health, and harmony.

The investment

Each of the two buildings will have about 20 apartments varying from three bedrooms plus kitchen/dining and living room, to two-rooms or single-room apartments, ranging from approximately 135 square meters to 28 square meters living space plus balcony.

If you would like to discuss your financing needs or plans including the size of the apartment we would be happy to hear from you.

Also, there may be the possibility to have some of the apartments on a time-share basis, which would allow each occupant to live in the apartment for a period of 3 to 6 months every year.

When an apartment is not occupied, arrangements can be made with mutual consent to allow the apartment to be rented for MERU courses, and this to share the profits with MERU.

The apartments will be sold on a right-to-live basis. If needed, it will be possible to disinvest at any time by finding another client, in agreement with MERU, and any profit will be shared equally with MERU.

Interested Governors and Sidhas, please contact your National Director or representative at the contact email provided below.


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